Camilla Akrans Born Arthur Kanofsky, Art Kane was an Art Director-turned photographer in the second half of the 20th century. A protégé of famed Art Director Alexey Brodovitch, Kane would make the transition in 1958 after gaining recognition for a jazz-themed editorial he photographed for Esquire magazine. Kane would come to be known for his portraits of musicians and celebrities along with his fashion editorials. In 1970, Kane photographed a model for Harper’s Bazaar UK on the beaches of Cornwall, distorting the perspective so that the model appears as though she is displaced, elevated above the sky. For T Magazine’s Travel Winter 2009 Issue, photographer Camilla Åkrans recreated Kane’s 1970 image with model Arlenis Sosa on the beaches of Tobago.

Cornwall Beach by Art Kane, Harper's Bazaar UK 1970

Cornwall Beach by Art Kane, Harper’s Bazaar UK 1970

Arlenis Sosa by Camilla Akrans for T Magazine’s Travel Winter 2009 Issue

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