René Gruau and Koto Bolofo

As Artistic Director of Advertising at Christian Dior, Gruau’s illustrations helped to define the beauty ideals of the period, creating imagery of the Dior woman from the inception of the label well into the 70s and 80s. In 1971, Gruau’s campaign for Miss Dior Cherie featured a first-ever male lead, carrying an oversized bouquet presumably to gift along with the fragrance. In 2011, photographer Koto Bolofo looked to Gruau’s work in creating his own fragrance campaign for CH L’eau by Carolina Herrera, however, Bolofo would opt for Rasa Zukauskaite instead of a tuxedoed man, perhaps suggesting women no longer need a man to buy a fragrance.

René Gruau's ad for Miss Dior Cherie, 1971

René Gruau’s ad for Miss Dior Cherie, 1971

Rasa Zukauskaite by Koto Bolofo for CH L'eau by Carolina Herrera, 2011

Rasa Zukauskaite by Koto Bolofo for CH L’eau by Carolina Herrera, 2011

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