Paul Poiret and Viktor and RolfA precursor to the contemporary crop of limited edition, collectable publications, La Gazette du Bon Ton, or the Journal of Good Taste, boasted hand-colored fashion plates and exclusive designer features at the steep annual subscription fee of 100 francs per year for the monthly publication. Along with the designs of couture houses Redfern, Doucet and Pacquin, orientalist designs by Paul Poiret were a frequent feature in the journal. Often times the fashions found in the Gazette were fanciful creations by illustrators like Georges Lepape, rather than literal translations of existing garments. Lepape’s fantastical fashion plate in 1914 depicts a Poiret dress in the style of the Sun King’s manicured garden’s. For their SS 2010 collection, Vikor and Rolf would design a similar dress that explored concepts of cutting down, shaving and trimming–taking a chainsaw to tulle.

Paul Poiret’s Les Jardins De Versailles by Georges Lepape in La Gazette du Bon Ton, 1913

Viktor and Rolf, SS 2010

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