Phil Stern and Hedi SlimaneFollowing Man Ray’s lead, Philippe Halsman was a proponent of surreal photography with his elaborately orchestrated surreal scenes. Most remembered for his portraits of Albert Einstein and fellow surrealist Salvador Dalí, the Latvian-born Halsman would also photograph contemporary fashion. In 1947, Halsman would photograph the fall footwear fashions, depicting three pairs of disembodied legs sporting the latest shoe styles peeking out from underneath a curtain. In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld would photograph model Freja Beha in her the fifth consecutive campaign for Chanel. In the ad, only Beha’s stockinged legs are visible beneath the curtain of a photo booth, resembling Halsman’s photograph years earlier.


Fall Fashion Revue by Philippe Halsman / Magnum Photo, 1947

Freja Beha by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel FW 201

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