9.17 Paul Poiret and Marc JacobsA patron of the arts in addition to an artist himself, Paul Poiret worked alongside some of the era’s foremost textile and graphic designers. Poiret’s most significant and enduring creative relationship was with textile designer Raoul Dufy, an artist whose career owes much to Poiret. Dufy’s art deco textile prints were often flat, 1 dimensional and monochromatic; a Poiret cocoon coat from 1911 (the year pair would meet) typifies Dufy’s aesthetic. Poiret’s draped, uncorseted silhouettes were the ideal canvas for Dufy’s bold prints. Dufy’s prints are continuously referenced, making an appearance in Marc Jacobs’ all-embracing SS 2014 show which also pulled from elements from Gothic, Victorian and Central Asian dress.

Raoul Dufy Textile Design on Poiret Coat, 1911

Marc Jacobs SS 2014

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