Richard Avedon and Giampaolo SguraThe same year the model would sign an unheard of six-figure annual contract with Revlon, Lauren Hutton was photographed by Richard Avedon for the July 1973 issue of Vogue. Posing for the 1973 cover story “The American Woman Today Part 1,” Lauren Hutton would serve as both the all-American beauty ideal of the period along with the era’s most highly compensated model, setting a standard for many to follow. On the cover of Vogue Spain June 2013, model Anja Rubik is styled a crisp white blouse and army green bucket hat, much like Hutton 40 years earlier. However, an obvious distinction between the two: Hutton’s southern roots and Anja Rubik’s Polish nationality.

Comparison Courtesy of: Juan Andrés Puertas


Lauren Hutton for Vogue by Richard Avedon, July 1973

Anja Rubik by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Spain, June 2013

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