George Hoyningen-Huené and Mikael JanssonAt a time when the draped, columnar and classically-inspired dress came into fashion, photography would also follow a neoclassical aesthetic. A major proponent of this photographic style was George Hoyningen-Huené, who often inserted Greek-like columns and classical architectural elements into his mise-en-scène. Hoyningen-Huené is most known for his images which featured models posed stoically in bathing suits, celebrating the athletic body and alluding to classical sculpture. The Russian-born photographer’s most well-known 1929 photograph undoubtedly inspired Mikael Jansson’s 2012 editorial “Olympiad” for Interview Magazine’s May 2012 issue.

George Hoyningen-Huené, Vogue July 6, 1929

Myles Crosby, Suvi Koponen and Nicklas Kingo by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine May, 2012

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